We now offer new high tech non-intrusive no-ring voice mail marketing & voice broadcasts!

Deliveries are offered by us for business to business, business to client and some business to consumer applications!

Voice Broadcasting


If you offer products or services to businesses, the Voice Broadcaster is the perfect solution. There is no need to cold call businesses, spending hours dialing them one-by-one and hoping that someone there will be receptive to your offer. Instead, use Voice Broadcaster to auto-dial business after business and deliver your custom, interactive message. With Voice Broadcaster you can reach out to as many businesses a day as you wish. Whether the phone is answered live, or whether answered by a machine, Voice Broadcaster has an interactive solution. This system allows you to create a customized process that is able to handle every different result that your call may encounter


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We provide maintenance and we back up your website for you.


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PDF Webform

Automate your customers orders and hiring. Customized PDF website form fill and email the PDF web pages!

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